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Stanley Hydraulic Tools launches the new HP28 Power Unit

"Hydraulic Power Times Two”

Denver, Colorado - - June 16, 2013 at the American Water Works Association Trade Show, Stanley Hydraulic Tools team launched the HP TWIN 8 power unit. The HP TWIN 8 is the only hydraulic power unit for its size that can run 2 hydraulic tools at an optimal performance of 8 gpm / 30 lpm.

The HP TWIN 8 offers unmatched versatility for any application, whether running two 70 lb concrete breakers to break up a bridge deck that is being resurfaced, a diamond chain saw and water pump to get a community water supply up and running, or a spike puller and spike driver getting a railroad track up to code. The HP TWIN 8 branches all aspects of Infrastructure and will revolutionize the way work is done by increasing productivity and driving down operating costs.

Feedback on the HP Twin 8 was extremely positive and several requests came from customers during the show to schedule demonstrations to witness firsthand the new power unit in action and the unique features that it offers.

The HP TWIN 8 is forecasted to provide over $10 Million dollars in organic growth over the next 3 years with over half of the sales volume being targeted at growth in emerging markets. With upcoming trade shows in 2013 for Brazil, North America and China this is just the beginning of offering the best hydraulic power unit on the market to the world.

So whether the job calls for breaking concrete with two breakers or pumping water and cutting pipe at the same time, the HP TWIN 8 is truly revolutionary.

Please click this link to see the Stanley HP TWIN 8 video.