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Mobile Hydraulic Pulverizer (MHP)

MHP 80 | MHP 150 | MHP 220 | MHP 300 | MHP 390 | MHP 550 | MHP 750

Designed for high efficiency secondary demolition and concrete recycling, the LaBounty Mobile Hydraulic Pulverizer (MHP) offers industry-leading power-to-weight ratio and large jaw capacities. The all-new MHP design is optimized to pick-up, crush, and separate rebar from concrete faster than ever before thanks to high-tip forces, a large jaw, and fast cycle times. 


The LaBounty MHP’s unique shape makes it extremely versatile for use on the ground, facilitating demolition of walls and vertical cement structures, pavement, and concrete slabs. 

  • Reverse Cylinder with internal hydraulic lines that protect components from debris 
  • Pass Through Lower Jaw that facilitates excellent rebar separation 
  • Interchangeable Teeth offer lower maintenance 
  • Serrated Blades for efficient rebar cutting 
  • Bucket Style Teeth for sorting of materials 
LaBounty Mobile Hydraulic Pulverizer Specifications Table
ModelWeight (lbs)Weight (kg)Jaw Opening (in)Jaw Opening (mm)Jaw Width (in)Jaw Width (mm)Reach (ft)Reach (m)Min. Excavator Weight - 3rd Member (lbs)Min. Excavator Weight - 3rd Member (mTons))
MHP 801,75080020.953014.43705.21.613,2006
MHP 1503,0001,40027.670018.14606.11.828,60013
MHP 2204,6802,10032.583021.35407.12.239,60018
MHP 3006,3302,90034.387026.46707.42.355,00025
MHP 3907,7403,50037.495029.17407.92.472,60033
MHP 55010,6804,80044.51,13030.07608.92.799,00045
MHP 75015,0506,80049.21,25031.58009.83.0143,00065