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Multi-Jaw Demolition Tool (MRX)

Single Cylinder Versatility

Versatility is taken to a whole new level with the MRX. With three different interchangeable jaws - a concrete pulverizer, concrete cracker, and shear - the MRX is the answer to most primary and secondary demolition needs. The interchangeable jaws' designs facilitate improved penetration and rapid material downsizing.

  • Short center of gravity and 360-degree rotation for optimal maneuverability 
  • Open lower jaw, which improves penetration and rapidly downsizes material
  • Wide jaw for high productivity
  • Dual rotation motors with superior holding power and durability*

*standard on MRX 350 and above

Model JawWeight (With Jaw)* lbsJaw Opening inJaw Depth inReach** ftMin Excavator Weight - 3rd Member*** lbs
MRX 070Shear (SH)1,667 9.812.85.215,000
Concrete Pulverizer (CP)1,755 20.920.15.615,000
Concrete Cracking (CC)1,755 20.719.35.715,000
MRX 100Shear (SH)2,350 12.615.46.120,000
Concrete Pulverizer (CP)2,460,000
Concrete Cracking (CC)2,516 23.624.06.720,000
MRX 130Shear (SH)3,331 15.717.76.626,000
Concrete Pulverizer (CP)3,453 28.324.87.126,000
Concrete Cracking (CC)3,320,000
MRX 150Shear (SH)4,445 16.519.17.540,000
Concrete Pulverizer (CP)4,556,000
Concrete Cracking (CC)4,556,000
MRX 200Shear (SH)5,980 18.920.78.355,000
Concrete Pulverizer (CP)6,170 34.631.18.855,000
Concrete Cracking (CC)6,250,000
MRX 250Shear (SH)7,680 19.722.08.677,000
Concrete Pulverizer (CP)7,740 35.632.39.177,000
Concrete Cracking (CC)7,670,000
MRX 350Shear (SH)8,780 20.722.28.899,000
Concrete Pulverizer (CP)9,430,000
Concrete Cracking (CC)9,380 39.834.49.799,000
MRX 500Shear (SH)13,598 22.626.09.8132,000
Concrete Pulverizer (CP)15,031 43.340.610.8132,000
Concrete Cracking (CC)14,612 45.342.111.0132,000
MRX 700Shear (SH)18,850 27.629.711.4165,000
Concrete Pulverizer (CP)21,253 51.244.512.3165,000
Concrete Cracking (CC)