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Pin Brazing / Safebonding

EP10 / EP30 / EPX10

Stanley is a total solution provider for Signal and Track Connections. Pin brazing or Safebonding offers several key advantages over the conventional bolted connections. From ease of installation, less labor, lower material costs over time, increased reliability, better internal resistance, and less susceptible effects to corrosion makes this a powerful solution.

  • Choice of two different Signal Bonding Systems.
  • Used globally by over three hundred Railways w/o any documented derailments
  • The only system that achieves ZERO martensite (Safebond® system)
  • All types and sizes of connectors and cables
  • Signaling, Power Return / Traction, and Grounding

Facts About Pin Brazing:

  • Transition resistance in the braze: only 5 micro ohms
  • Melting temperature of solder: 1,100 F., / 600 C. degrees
  • Binding strength: 50 kp/mm2
  • Shear Strength:25 kp/mm2
  • Brazing time: 2 sec.
  • Time to make a complete bond: Less than 2 minutes.

Shear Strength:

  • Pin Brazing shear strength application = 3730N / 838 pounds
  • Safebond Application = 8240N / 1852 pounds
DescriptionSafe Bond
Temperature Needed to Melt solder
Electric ArcBetween the Brazing pin and top of the Cable lug.
Lug DifferencesCable lug is solid with no hole.
Solder LocationThe cable lug is equipped with solder material. Brazing flux is added manually before brazing.
Flux ApplicationThe brazing flux and solder material is positioned in the brazing area before the electric arc operation starts.
BG10100Pin Brazing Gun
BG20200Safebond Brazing Gun
BG20400Heavy Duty Safebond Brazing Gun
72970Econect Brazing Unit
EP30200Medium Duty Electric Pin Brazing Unit
35809Earthing Cable
52797Electrode Holder w/Plastic Washer
35819Extension Cable for Earth 5 M
35820Extension Cable for Grinding
35818Extension Cable for S4 Pistol
66266Ground Clamp Assembly
37946Hole Punch Tool, 9.5 mm
35817Long Cable for S4 Pistol 4.5 mm
35810Grind Stone
62214Pigtail Charge Adapter
35808Carbide Burr Type C
35816Standard Cable for S4 Pistol
39434Battery 30 Ahf Ep60000
35866Battery Charger
41769Battery Charger 20 A, 36 V Dc Plg
35867Genisis Battery Model #G13Ep
35826Pin Holder for 8 mm & 9.5 mm
35825Extra Long Pin Holder & Ring
59036Pin Holder (For Pin Brazing With X for Gun)
35827Pin Holder M8
35830Ring Holder 8 mm & 9.5 mm
35831Ring Holder M8, M10, M12
37945S4 Gun 8 mm Pin & Ring Holder Ex
35835Brazing Pin 8 mm
35836Brazing Pin 8 mm Extra Silver
35839Brazing Pin M12
35840Brazing Pin M8/12
35832Ceramic Ring 8 mm
35834Ceramic Ring 12 mm
39244Bond 25 mm (L=200 mm)
39705Bond Wire 16” OAL X 25 mm
392423/16” Bond Crimpable Sleeve
392433/16” Bond (L = 300 mm)
39706Bond Wire 24” OAL X 25 mm
35844Contact Bond 25 mm (L = 145 mm)
37944Rail Bond 50 mm (2) 1 (85 mm)
41635Signal Bond Wire 24”
40366Signal Extension Bond 3/16” (170 mm)
47523Braze Lug for 25 mm Cable
35847Cable Shoe 10 mm
35857T-Bolt M8 Type C
48844Pak-Electrode 12
41229Pin Brazing Kit 110 Vac (Includes Ep30200, Bg10100, 3-40409, 35866, Hge10121)
5672312 Vdc/110 Vdc Pin Brazing Kit
41230Pin Brazing Kit, 12Vdc/110Vac(Includes: Ep30200,Bg10100,3-40409, 35866, 35807,47320, 35808, 35812, 35818, 35819)