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Small Mounted Breakers

MB156 | MB256| MBF5 | MB05 | MB556 | MB10

STANLEY Infrastructure knows what you look for in a small mounted breaker, that’s why our MB series focuses on simplicity, easy maintenance, and powerful breaking performance. All MB breakers have only two moving parts – which means better performance and less frequent service intervals. At the lower end of the housing, we added steel reinforcement to not only protect the housing, but to protect the power cell and keep operators running longer. A superior valve design allows for a wider range of pressures and flows. lowering stress on components. Plus, the light tool weight contributes to a broader carrier range.


•Advanced breaker design technology for output energy and efficiency.
•Minimal moving parts, only two  for less maintenance, better performance and less service.
•Superior valve design for operation within a broader range of pressures and flows with less heat and stress on components.
•Added steel reinforcement at lower end of housing to protect housing and power-cell.
•Side-plate bolt locking system keeps bolts from loosening.
•Lighter weight allowing choice of smaller carrier.
•Supported power-cell by rubber cushions and urethane wear plates to absorb shock and vibration and reduce wear - MB556
•Direct acting nitrogen chamber boosts the power of each hammer blow.

MB15600Stanley - Excavator Mount - 6" and 4" Pin Centers
MB15614Stanley - Excavator Mount - Flange Top
MB15641Black, Q - Tach for Walk Behind - 6" and 4" Pin Centers
MB25600Stanley - Excavator Mount - 9" Pin Centers
MB25600SSStanley - Skid Steer - 9" Pin Centers
MB25603Stanley - Excavator Mount - Flange Top
MB25641Black, Q - Tach for Walk Behind - 9" Pin Centers
MB2570Excavator Mount - 11" Pin Centers
MB2570SBCradle Skid Steer - 11" Pin Centers
MB2570SS2 Position Skid Steer - 11" Pin Centers
MB2570XCExcavator Mount - Exchange Top
MB2570XCSSkid Steer with Exchange Top
MB05E00Stanley - Excavator Mount - 9" Pin Center and Flange Top
MB05S02Stanley - 4 Position Cradle Skid Steer - 9" Pin Centers and Flange Top
MB05E04Stanley - Excavator Mount - CP027 Top
MB05S04Stanley - Skid Steer with CP027 Top
MB05E05Stanley - Excavator Mount - Exchange Top
MB05S05Stanley - Skid Steer with Exchange Top
MBF5E00Stanley - Excavator Mount - Flange Top
MBF5E05Stanley - Excavator Mount - Exchange Top
MBF5E04Stanley - Excavator Mount - CP027 Top
MBF5S02Stanley - Skid Steer - Fixed 20 Degrees
MBF5S04Stanley - Skid Steer with CP027 Top
MBF5S05Stanley - Skid Steer with Exchange Top
MB55600Stanley - Excavator Mount - Flange Top
MB55600SSStanley - Skid Steer - Fixed 20 Degrees
MB55601Stanley - Excavator Mount - 14" Pin Centers
MB55607Stanley - Excavator Mount - 14" Pin Centers
MB5570SBStanley - Skid Steer - Fixed 20 Degrees
MB5570XCStanley - Excavator Mount - Exchange Top
MB5570XCSStanley - Skid Steer with Exchange Top
MB65603Stanley - Excavator Mount - Flange Top
MB65607Stanley - Excavator Mount - 14" Pin Centers
MB65609Stanley - Excavator Mount - 1/4 Yard WainRoy
MB6560XCStanley - Excavator Mount - Exchange Top
MBX15E03Flange Top
MBX15E0014" PIN Center BRKT
MBX15E091/4 YD Wainroy BRKT
DescriptionImperial UnitsMB156MB256MB05MBF5MB556MB656MBX15
Impact Energy ClassFt/lbs1753505505507508701500
Blows Per MinuteBPM600-1200700-1200650-1550650-1550590-1100600-1000400-800
Weight (Tool & Mounting Brkt)Lbs (kg)173 (79)493 (224)480 (218)463 (210)752 (340)872 (396)1168 (531)
Length (Tool & Mounting Brkt)In (mm)42 (1069)51 (1295)53 (1350)48 (1220)63 (1600)66 (1689)69 (1760)
Tool Working LengthIn (mm)11 (279)15 (381)15 (381)15 (381)15 (381)18 (457)16.6 (426)
Tool DiameterIn1.75 (44)2.5 (64)2.7 (70)2.7 (70)2.7 (69)3 (76)3.3 (85)
Hydraulic PressurePSI1800-21001400-17001500-20001500-20001600-20001700-19001885-2200
Flow RangeGPM4-109-1610-2210-2212-2216-2415-25
System Relief Pressure (Minimum Cracking)PSI2600260026002600260026003000
Sound Power Level (LW)dBA116122126126124121126
DescriptionMetric UnitsMB156MB256MB05MBF5MB556MB656MBX15
Impact Energy ClassJ250475750750100012002030
Hydraulic PressureBAR124-14496-117100-140100-140110-138117-131130-152
Flow RangeLPM 15-3834-6038-8338-8345-8360-9156-95
System Relief Pressure (Min. Cracking)BAR180180180180180180206
Sound Power Level (LW)dBA116122126126124121126
MB15626257Asphalt Cross Cut Tool
MB15626259Conical Tool
MB15626261Line Cut Tool
MB15626260Cross Cut Tool
MB25625170Asphalt Cross Cut Tool
MB25625171Asphalt Line Cut Tool
MB25627281Conical Tool
MB25627282Cross Cut Tool
MB25627283Line Cut Tool
MB25627284Blunt Tool
MB25627286Tamping Pad
MB0569863Conical Tool
MB0569864Cross Cut Tool
MB0569865Line Cut Tool
MB0569866Blunt Tool
MB0569867Tamping Pad
MBF569863Conical Tool
MBF569864Cross Cut Tool
MBF569865Line Cut Tool
MBF569866Blunt Tool
MBF569867Tamping Pad
MB55656547Conical Tool
MB55656548Blunt Tool
MB55656549Line Cut Tool
MB55656550Cross Cut Tool
MB55656551Tamping Pad
MB65628123Conical Tool
MB65628125Cross Cut Tool
MB65628124Line Cut Tool
MB65628126Blunt Tool
MB65618942Tamping Pad
MBX1571623Conical Tool Bit
MBX1571624Cross Cut Chisel Tool Bit
MBX1571625Line Cut Chisel Tool Bit
MBX1571626Blunt Tool Bit
MBX1571627Moil Tool Bit