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MHP32232100 / MHP32242100

The TracHorse® is an all-terrain, self-propelled mobile hydraulic power pack that allows transportation of tools and equipment in most job site environments. Straightforward operating controls allow for maneuvering in a wide range of applications. The auxiliary hydraulic tool circuit is designed for continuous-duty applications and features the standard high-efficiency cooling found on all Stanley hydraulic power units.

  • 5 or 10 gpm operating range
  • Gasoline engine
  • Keyed ignition
  • Dead-man type control valves
  • Integrated hydraulic tool circuit with HTMA quick disconnect couplers
  • Self propelled rubber tracks equipped with self adjusting track tensioner
  • Turns 360 degrees within its own length, reversable, and climbs 60% grade
  • Carries over 1,000 lbs/454 kg
  • Large lifting eye for easy loading/unloading
  • Integral brake holds unit on incline upon release of controls
  • Self cleaning ballast and gravel from track mechanism
ModelDescriptionPower UnitEquipmentTool Circuit
MHP32232100TRACHORSE HONDA ENGINE (GTR POWER UNIT) Bed not includedTwin 5 gpm or single 10 gpm
MHP32242100TRACHORSE HONDA ENGINE (GTR POWER UNIT) Bed IncludedTwin 5 gpm or single 10 gpm