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Universal Processors (UPX)

UPX 250 | UPX 350 | UPX 450 | UPX 750 | UPX 950 | UPX 1800 | UPX 2800

We know having the right tool for every application is critical to getting your demolition job done on time and on budget. That’s why LaBounty invented the Universal Processor. Our next generation UPX universal processors feature the industry’s best power-to-weight ratio for uncompromising power, control, and versatility.

From cracking concrete abutments to cutting structural steel, the UPX universal processor can handle many tasks in primary and secondary demolition. With the UPX interchangeable jaws, you can do more demolition tasks with one tool and minimize the amount of equipment required for a job.

All models are available with a shear jaw, and most models are available with concrete cracking and/or concrete pulverizer jaw. See the Specifications table below for specific jaw options by model

  • Dual cylinder jaw design enables easier processing and reduced shockload to base machine
  • Short center of gravity allows easier handling in high reach applications
  • Integral cylinder shrouds for superior rod protection
  • Quick-change jaw system – 15 minutes or less
  • 3 available jaw sets for cutting versatility (Concrete Cracking Jaw, Concrete Pulverizing Jaw, Shear Jaw) with wear bars to reduce maintenance downtime


What applications are ideal for the UPX?

The UPX is ideal for demolition work that requires processing a variety of materials and structures. By using the three jaw sets that are available, you can do more tasks using less equipment. With the SH Shear Jaw, you can cut rebar and structural steel like I-beams, H beams and pipes. Switch to the Concrete Cracking Jaw (CC) you can break large oversized concrete such as abutments and columns. The Concrete Pulverizer (CP) jaw can downsize and crush concrete while separating rebar from the structure.

How does the UPX ship?

Requested jaw ships with base unit. Multi-machine brackets are available in some sizes. Custom brackets are available

How is the UPX typically configured?

Depending on the model selected, the UPX can be mounted on a 3rd member high reach excavator, 3rd member straight boom, 3rd member digging boom, or 2nd member. It is recommended to contact your LaBounty rep for a lift analysis to confirm the recommended tool.

What are benefits of a dual cylinder processor vs. a single cylinder processor?

Dual cylinder processors like the UPX, offer several benefits over a single cylinder processor. The UPX offers a self-centering jaw which crushes the material from both sides of the jaw. This crushing force is isolated in the jaw area and dampens the shock load to the base machine. This isolation force also reduces stress on the excavator and reduces wear. A single-cylinder processor’s crushing power comes from one jaw and under heavy loads, the crushing force can send a shock load to the excavator which increases stress on the machine and fatigue on the operator.

How does the performance of a universal processor compare to a dedicated processor like a shear or a pulverizer?

The universal processor offers similar processing performance as a dedicated processor. The UPX design has a shorter center of gravity than a dedicated processor which makes it easier to control and provides better stability especially in high reach applications. Having two jaw articulation on the UPX provides better accessibility to material and reduces the need for accuracy and minimizes machine movements.

NOTE: Users should always read the operator’s manual when operating attachments or equipment. There are additional safety considerations contained in the operator’s manual.

ModelJawWeight (lbs)Jaw Opening (in)Jaw Depth (in)Reach (ft)Min Excavator Weight - 3rd Member
UPX 250Shear (SH) 6,300 21197.855000
Concrete Pulverizer (CP) 6,800 29237.855000
Concrete Cracking (CC) 6,300 36258.355000
UPX 350Shear (SH)8,4002526865000
Concrete Pulverizer (CP)8,9003423865000
Concrete Cracking (CC)8,5004228865000
UPX 450Shear (SH)10,550263110.199000
Concrete Pulverizer (CP)10,50034249.899000
Concrete Cracking (CC)10,300423110.199000
UPX 750Shear (SH)14,100333611135000
Concrete Pulverizer (CP)14,500402710.5135000
Concrete Cracking (CC)13,700503311135000
UPX 950Shear (SH)19,000444113.5187000
Concrete Pulverizer (CP)20,500634113.3187000
Concrete Cracking (CC)20,500765013.4187000
UPX 1800Shear (SH)33,600484615.5CONSULT FACTORY
Concrete Cracking (CC)35,500735015.5CONSULT FACTORY
UPX 2800 (High Reach)Shear (SH)****45,000515219.5CONSULT FACTORY