LaBounty Catalog 10 MHP SERIES MOBILE HYDRAULIC PULVERIZERS Model Weight* Jaw Opening Jaw Depth Reach** Min Excavator Weight - 3 rd Member*** lbs kg in mm in mm ft m lbs m Tons MHP 200 4,850 2,220 37 940 33 840 8.9 2.7 44,000 20 MHP 350 6,650 3,000 44 1,120 40 1,020 9.5 2.9 66,000 30 *Weight includes standard excavator mounting bracket. Attachment weight may vary depending on mounting configuration as well as options. ** Reach is measured from the attachment mounting pivot (boom or stick) forward to the end of the jaw. *** Excavator weight range should be used as a guide only, all mounting configurations must be preapproved by LaBounty. LaBounty reserves the right to improve, update, or change the product specifications, appearance, or functional attributes without notice. “The MHP 350 is quite an amazing piece of equipment. It crushes better than any other attachment because it has more opening and better processing power.” Rudy Diaz, Cherry Crushed Concrete Inc.